Job description

Do you get excited about the latest technological innovations? Do you like to learn, collaborate and create your own opportunities? Do you love to work with people from different cultures and with companies in an extended range of industries? Are you always the first one to pitch your crazy ideas to your family and friends? 
Our Promise 
Today 82% of people working in technology are men. But it doesn’t have to stay that way, at Accenture we are convinced that each person – no matter her/his background – has something to bring to our clients. And the good news is: to apply for a job in this innovative field you don’t need to have a first technical experience. We take care of your development. 
We at Accenture drive innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. That is not a false promise. We help our clients to change detailed industrial processes but also address societal challenges. Inclusion and diversity is at the heart of our company and corporate responsibility is in the DNA of our organization. And how can you not feel included when having Friday drinks with your colleagues? 
To give you the opportunity to reorient your career to consultancy and technology, we have created the exclusive Tech Academy. We offer you a one-month training program with an easy-to-follow introduction into the world of technology consulting. This will allow you to start as from day one as an Accenture consultant with a permanent contract! 
The focus is on both personal development and gaining the appropriate knowledge you will need in your job. You will also learn everything there is to know about Accenture and Accenture Technology. 

Accenture N.V./S.A. has implemented a positive action plan in execution of article 9 of the Belgian Royal Decree of 11 February 2019 on the determination of the conditions for positive actions. All actions within the framework of the Tech Academy are taken as part of this plan.

Our Preference


All we ask from you is that you are collaborative, innovative, and willing to learn. We know that everyone is unique, in their own special way.  

But only together, as men and women with different beliefs and cultural backgrounds, we can be truly successful. It is diversity that makes Accenture effective, powerful, open and engaged. To make this happen, we have developed the Tech Academy to contribute to a more diverse and gender-neutral organization. 


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