Vlerick/Accenture ‘Consumer Engagement Framework’

Connecting with the end-consumer is typically not top of mind for business-to-business (B2B) organizations. Until recently...

So far, these organizations have mainly focused their digital transformation initiatives on process optimization and strengthening relationships with business customers. However, this model is changing.

Several forward thinking B2Bs are using digital technologies to reach out directly to their end-consumers. This is bringing them a better understanding of consumer preferences and behaviors, and with it, opportunities to realize important benefits including specific consumer segments targeting and new digital products and services.

This requires a new approach. For the past year, this topic has been the subject of research as part of the Accenture BeLux – Vlerick Digital 20/20 Chair. To guide business leaders, the research team has now developed the Consumer Engagement Framework, a useful basis for any B2B organization to assess its current consumer engagement initiatives. The framework addresses two dimensions (market scope and levels of product line digitization) and explores how B2Bs can leverage consumer data in six distinct ways to benefit their organization.

Ready to connect with your end-consumers?

Download the Consumer Engagement Framework study report for more details plus a concrete illustration of how to apply the Consumer Engagement Framework and real-life case studies.


How Can B2B Organizations Engage Consumers from Accenture BeLux

The Consumer Engagement Framework was developed as part of the Accenture BeLux – Vlerick Digital 20/20 Chair. The authors are Steve Muylle, Professor of Marketing and Digital Strategy at Vlerick Business School, Belgium; Amit Basu, the Carr P. Collins Chair of Management Information Sciences at the Edwin L. Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas; Willem Standaert, Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Vlerick Business School, Belgium.

Author: Thomas Breuer