Transformation GPS: Take the guesswork out of your change journey

Accenture’s Transformation GPS guides your journey towards becoming a truly agile organization that thrives on change.


Agile organizations sustain business performance over time because they can rapidly detect and manage danger zones and opportunities while maintaining their balance to progress their core objectives. In essence, they and their people thrive on change.

At the heart of true business agility lies a management paradox: it requires dual operating modes: fast (velocity and adaptiveness) and slow (a sufficiently stable organizational backbone). Just as a speeding motorcycle tilts over without sufficient structure… so too does an organization without sufficient stability.

Accenture’s Transformation GPS, an evidence-based, proactive transformation tool powered by the most advanced prescriptive analytics available, helps organizations become truly agile. We are even using it to transform our own organization and workforce of 425,000+ people around the world. Here’s how…

Transformation GPS is a profound step change forward

Based on 20 years of research, our experience of implementing 650 business transformations in 50 industries and data from over 1 million employees going through business transformations, Transformation GPS helps senior leaders actively navigate transformation, lower risk and accelerate results. Transformation GPS takes the guesswork out of any change journey by:

  • Using pattern-matching and predictive analytics algorithms to benchmark your transformation journey against our database of others to create multi-year strategies recommending the highest-probability action sequence for all participating teams.
  • Continuous recalibration ensuring that if the transformation goes off track, it is quickly realigned. With more than 1 trillion possible combinations of actions, “what-if” scenarios can be modeled and simulations of what the effects will be if prioritized actions are delayed.
  • Directly tapping into the specific needs and environment of all teams separately. By directly using data from your people at every level - from the earliest stages of and throughout the transformation - Transformation GPS will unlock hidden insights or organizational barriers like resistance, and help to align culture, behaviors and ways of working. This is particularly valuable when in geographically dispersed and multicultural contexts. In addition, it visualizes exactly where all the critical stakeholder groups are and what issues and dynamics need to be addressed in a multi-dimensional transformation map.

Intuition alone is not enough. With Transformation GPS, you get the high-powered analytics and fact-based insights you need to make bold, ground-breaking moves and become truly agile.

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