PSD2: Is your country ready?

The revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2) is a key component of a wider trend towards Open Banking. How are financial services in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France responding to the disruptive opportunities it brings?


PSD2 is a data and technology driven regulatory initiative designed to accelerate competition and digital disruption. In force since January 2018, more than 10 years after the first Payments Services Directive, it brings new types of financial services providers within the scope of regulation, introduces new interaction models, and mandates banks to open their systems to third parties through interfaces such as open application programming interfaces (APIs).

Most of the opportunities to unlock new value and provide innovative customer services are still out there for banks to seize

Forward-looking financial services companies that gain a first mover advantage will reap most of the benefits as they develop a true Open Banking offering. As such, we have developed several accelerators around PSD2 and Open Banking – such as PSD2-in-a-box – that can help clients to reduce time-to-market for PSD2 compliance and set them up for success in their journey to engage with the ecosystem.

In this report we highlight the response to PSD2 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France and present the strategies banks are applying, ranging from simply being compliant to expanding their ecosystem and aggregating value.

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Author: Adrien Kirschfink