Product digitization demystified

Since 2015, Accenture and Vlerick Business School in Brussels have joined forces to design practical frameworks that help companies leverage digital technologies to better interact with consumers and develop new products and services.  


Under the ongoing Accenture/Vlerick Digital Chair, we have tried and tested these frameworks with leading Belgian companies such as Bekaert, Solvay, AG Insurance and Barco. Our research suggests that they can be used by every company to release new insights and identify digitization opportunities they didn’t know existed.

At Barco, the framework served as confirmation of their existing roadmap, but they also discovered new opportunities

In Year 1 of the Digital Chair, we launched the Consumer Engagement Framework, a tool enabling companies to map and assess their existing engagement initiatives and trigger new ways of interacting. During the second year, we applied this framework to the Belgian insurance industry, showing how it can help service companies optimize innovation with ecosystem partners. In its third year, the Chair changed research focus towards the actual product and user experience

The resulting Product Digitization Framework was launched in June 2018 at an event with partners and press. This framework can help companies identify opportunities for product digitization and is not limited to specific technologies or products. It comprises four dimensions: (1) composition, (2) connectivity, (3) capabilities, and (4) user experience.

Read more about this framework in the accompanying point of View.


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Author: Thomas Breuer