“People are still surprised when I tell them I can do programming”

Veronika actively pursues perfection. When she’s not crafting cutting-edge software, she’s busy practicing her steps as a professional dancer or exploring every facet of a new culture.

Meet Veronika Devedzhieva, Software Engineering Senior Analyst at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

‘At the age of ten, I developed a passion for traditional Bulgarian dance. For the next eight years I was a member of a professional folk dance ensemble, practicing three times a week and performing nationally and internationally. I still regularly practice with a group of enthusiasts in Brussels, and I also dance the Tango, which I discovered in France.’

‘Dancing is the perfect combination of joy, discipline, collaboration and keeping fit, plus of course wonderful music. When you dance, you have to work with another person to succeed and take joy in their accomplishments as well as your own. We’ve all had moments on a dance floor when we’ve no idea what we’re doing and want to hide in a corner. But that only lasts until you try to dance and learn to be comfortable on the dance floor. It helps you to develop confidence and a mindset that you carry over into the rest of your professional life.’

“Erasmus opened a completely new chapter in my life”

‘I’ve had a lot of new beginnings in my life: so far living in 3 countries, 4 cities and 7 apartments! Each of these experiences taught me to take the positive out of every situation, even negative and initially difficult ones. Like having to learn French from scratch in three months... On the first day of my Erasmus exchange in France, where I had gone to study computer science in English, I discovered that the only course I would have in English was actually English!’

‘Starting university coincided with Bulgaria joining the EU. Before that, it was more difficult for Bulgarians to study abroad. Many people may take it for granted but participating in the Erasmus program was a life changing experience for me. It opened a completely new chapter in my life, which also later led me to Accenture.’

‘After graduating, I was actually offered an internship at Accenture Paris. But I had already accepted an opportunity at a small Belgian company specialized in Virtual Reality. For a couple of years, I worked on cutting-edge 3D visualization techniques for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, including eye-tracking studies and architecting new decision-making software (Operational Intelligence). However, Accenture always remained on my mind…’

“Technology should be about helping people”

‘Accenture offers me the right balance of technology, business vision and people diversity I’m looking for. As a member of the Advanced Technology & Architecture (AT&A) community, one of the most technical domains within Accenture, I specialize in app development and software architecture, specifically for large governmental institutions. I strongly believe that technology should be about helping people so the fact that my current project is important for the safety of European citizens is really satisfying.’

‘One of my greatest passions is travelling. I’m forever curious to see life from different perspectives and this is similar to my role as a software architect. I need to think about all the aspects of a software to design a solution that matches the client’s and my perspective at the same time: from analyzing requirements, over choice of technologies, the development process and finally integration.’

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s an unusual technical solution or just a suggestion to improve the working atmosphere; at Accenture you are encouraged to try and make it work. I find this exceptional for such a large company and really love it! I believe that pursuing perfection really matters (especially in a world highly accepting of mediocrity) and Accenture encourages this pursuit!’

“As fundamental as knowing your ABC”

‘Technology is everywhere. For me it’s as fundamental as knowing your ABC. Technology is an entry point to every aspect of our economy, plus new areas are constantly emerging, like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. We need to inform girls from an early age that they are welcome in this world.’

‘For example, in Bulgaria there are more women studying and working in technology than in any other EU country. One of the main drivers for this is that all secondary school students are encouraged to study math and technology.’

‘Some people are still surprised when I tell them I can do computer programming. As a woman working in a male-dominated field, what helps me the most professionally is not being afraid of any challenge, change or being “the different one”. I have never believed I could or could not do something because I am a woman. I’ve always focused on the best I could possibly be. The fact that you think, act or approach problems differently to other colleagues always leads to better products, results and working environment.’

By sharing women role models like Adriana Petrescu, a finalist in the Young ICT Lady of the Year 2017 awards, organizing events like Meet Accenture Fridays when young women can visit our offices for an informal tour and chat, and making women a key focus of our Inclusion & Diversity program, I’m proud to see that Accenture is actively trying to attract more women to technology careers.’

‘Half of all technology users in the world are women so they have to be just as influential as men in the design of technology. Having both perspectives only enriches the final product.’


Veronika Devedzhieva (1988)

Studied: BSc Informatics and MBA (University of Nantes)
Started working at Accenture: 2016
Relationship status: In a relationship
Loves: Sunsets
Gets annoyed by: Narrow-mindedness
Favorite food: Greek salad (or anything with olives, feta and avocado)
On my nightstand: Imagining Argentina by Lawrence Thornton
Listens to: My heart (and A LOT of music depending on the mood and setting)
Last purchase: LP of Buena Vista Social Club
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Quentin Tarantino (but if it’s a long flight, I would rather have all seats around me free)
Life-changing event(s): My Erasmus exchange in France
The best lesson life has taught me: When we push to the edges of our limits, our limits expand
What I learned last week: Developers seek other forms of help before talking to coworkers
Most beautiful place on earth: Norway in the summer and Cuba in the winter
Hobbies/passions: Dancing, music, travelling a lot, cinema, technology. I usually combine all my passions – picking up my next travel destinations based on movies, music or books is a good example. The other way around is valid too
What nobody knows about me: People presume I have no time to cook, but I’m actually a good cook. I like to explore a new country or culture in all its aspects, from language, music, and cinema to its cuisine
Life motto: Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself


Author: Liz Morrison