"Be hard on issues but soft on people"

Rupert learned this lesson from his father and it has proved extremely effective in many situations throughout his life...whether it's managing his team at work, organizing a meeting for 20 youths or supporting his favorite sport team, Club Bruges.

Meet Rupert Lemahieu, Team Lead - Digital Technologies

‘Fed up with studying and keen to put theory into practice, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to jump-start my professional career so one month after I left university, I began working at Accenture.’

‘My first encounter with Accenture people was at an IT event two years before graduating. I was immediately attracted to their enthusiasm, open mind and way of working. What really struck me was that an Accenture employee from Bucharest who was in town just stopped by the booth to say hello. I attended a lot of IT events and job fairs in the months following and asked the same question I asked Accenture ‘Why should I choose to work for your company?’ Accenture explained how they were different from other firms and stressed that I should only choose Accenture if I felt a fit with their culture. Other firms simply tried to convince me why they were better without keeping in mind if their way of working would be a fit for me or not.'

‘Working in digital technology is much broader than the hands-on functionality of technology. Case-in-point is the large utilities project I’m currently working on. It involves Belgium’s entire energy market and it’s a matter of getting cooperation amongst various parties with differing interests to align to one common goal. Together with our team, we assist and advise our client on the migration and transformation of data. This involves setting up workshops to capture business requirements, building a data model, implementing an ETL-flow to migrate the data, setting up the server infrastructure to complete this, agreeing on KPIs to measure the data quality, analyzing and fixing defects, supporting integration tests of the client...'

‘It’s rewarding to work together with my team towards a common goal. Sure, we have ups and downs, but we show perseverance every day and are able to gain the trust of the client. The ultimate reward for me is to see that we are being recognized for the difference we make.’

If you're on a project without any of the "hyped" technologies, it's important to keep up to date of what's happening in the industry. That's why Accenture organizes a lot of trainings, evening sessions and even small internal projects to make sure that everybody is up to speed. I'm currently participating in such an internal project about big data. The aim being to build and sharpen our skills and avoid pitfalls. I think this was a great initiative because you can’t sell yourself as having a certain expertise if you haven’t had any experience.'

"You can't sell yourself as having a certain expertise if you haven't had any experience"

‘Since December, I’ve been promoted from senior analyst to a team lead role and manage a team of three. This is quite the change for me. Before I was just responsible for myself but now the growth of others is in my hands. Something I don’t take lightly. I’m always open to discussing anything, even if it’s not directly related to the job. In this way, I can share what I’ve learned and inspire colleagues on how problems can be tackled efficiently. Talking issues through thoroughly is the best way to not only inspire people, but also to be inspired by others.’

"Talking issues through thoroughly is the best way to not only inspire people, but also to be inspired by others"

‘Being a group leader in the youth movement, Chiro WAWW has taught me invaluable skills that I use to this day. For example, holding a productive meeting with 20 young people helped me to efficiently prepare, plan and organize efficient work meetings. I also learned to never give up when you want to achieve something. Instead work together as a group and your chances of success will skyrocket. Another reason I’m grateful for my involvement is because it’s where I met my girlfriend.’

‘I have to admit I’m still searching for the right work/life balance as I live in Brugge which means long commutes. Even though I have the possibility to work from home often, I get so much energy out of interacting with clients and colleagues.’

‘When I do have free time, I love watching Club Bruges. I used to play on the team many years ago but had to stop when I became too busy; now I’m a loyal supporter and attend every game. Performing at a high level, whether it’s sports or at work, is something I can completely identify with.’

'After a long day, my perfect way to unwind is to make chicon soup from scratch. For two hours, I'm in my kitchen with music playing and no phone distractions. I'm not worrying about anything else and just concentrate on the task at hand. It's my way of relaxing.'


Rupert Lemahieu (1993)

Studied: Computer Science Engineering (Ghent University)
Started working at Accenture: 2015
Relationship status: In a relationship
Loves: Gin-tonic
Gets annoyed by: People coming late
Favorite food: French fries with tartare sauce
On my nightstand: A bottle of water
Listens to: Hardstyle
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Michel Preudhomme
Life-changing event(s): Joining Chiro WAWW
The best lesson life has taught me: Be hard on the issue, but soft on the people
What I learned last week: Why it’s not too late yet to invest in cryptocurrencies
Most beautiful place on earth: Swiss Alps
Hobbies/passions: Club Brugge
What nobody knows about me: I used to be a DJ
Life motto: I have not failed, I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work (Thomas Edison)

Author: Liz Morrison