"At the end of the day, a boss is only as good as his team"

Jérémy likes to understand why things work and how to make things happen. His time at Accenture has been a series of eye-opening experiences that has changes his perspective on everything from work, management, and becoming a father.

Meet Jérémy David, Manager in Business Intelligence & Data Management at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

‘I was always fascinated by how things work in everyday society; that’s why I got a Bachelors and Masters in Economics. But when I joined Accenture right after graduating armed with just economic theory, I didn’t understand why technology was needed to renew the offering of a private bank. I assumed all the bank needed was new products. This initial project closed the gap between what clients needed and why technology made it happen, and turned a concept into something concrete. This was my first eye-opening experience.’

“This initial project closed the gap between what clients needed and why technology made it happen”

 'In the past four years, I worked with many of our colleagues from Indian delivery centers for our different projects. It was extraordinary to me that I could feel a sense of belonging with a team that was 7,000 km away and this made our achievement even greater. I realized that you can find good quality people everywhere who are 100% committed to a goal regardless of where they’re from. This was number two.’

‘When I embarked on my career at Accenture, my over-riding goal was to become a manager. Now I lead a team of 10 with a mix of people onshore and offshore in the Finance & Risk domain of one of the top-three Belgian banks. My team implements and maintains systems which enable controllers to generate the legal reporting to the national bank, as well as the operational and management reporting. Since the commercial world is constantly changing, we also consider new regulations, shifting legislation and fluctuating economic and financial risk and implement them in the Finance & Risk systems of the Bank.’

‘Number three occurred as my role expanded, giving me many opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally. In the beginning, I wanted to please everyone and I learned quite early on that you simply can’t. Sometimes you must make decisions that team members, colleagues, and clients may not agree with. For me to keep a healthy balance, I had to give up the need to please. Now I take a step back and look at the entire situation and prioritize my time and tasks and decide what’s important and what can wait.’

“In the beginning of my time here, I wanted to please everyone and I learned quite early on that you simply can’t”

 ‘In all my time at Accenture, its core value of treating people with respect has never changed. I recall being a novice analyst, two weeks on the job and the youngest team member and how I looked up to my manager. But what struck me was how dedicated he was to my learning and growth. Now seven years on, the roles have reversed and I’m the oldest on the team and I pay it forward and treat everyone on my team with the same respect as my first manager extended to me.’ 


‘How? I lead by example. I believe if I act in a certain way, others will follow. But it’s tough not to wear a mask as others are constantly looking to up to you. I’m not perfect, I'm human, I get annoyed sometimes but I trust that it's okay to show emotion. At the end of the day, it's not about being a perfect boss, it's also about being a good person'

"I trust that it's okay to show emotion"

 ‘What gets me up in the morning is achieving things and delivering added value, whether that’s with a client, my basketball team or my wife. It gives me a good feeling to be able to come home and know that my day wasn’t wasted. When I reflect on a project and see that our design, code or product was used by a client, it makes all the hard work worth it.’​

‘Similarly, I give my all when I’m playing basketball because I also want to add value to my team, and of course I want to win. When I’m on the court, I forget about everything else; it’s a great way to release tension. Personally, I’ve been achieving huge life goals. In early December, my girlfriend (and now wife) and I got maried and recently moved into a new home. And we're expecting our first baby at the end of January. So, life is going to change pretty dramatically in 2018.'

Jérémy David (1986)

Studied: Economics
Started working at Accenture: February 2010
Relationship status: Married
Loves: Great food and a good glass of red wine, and watching NBA games
Gets annoyed by: Laziness
Favorite food: Stoofvlees made by my grandma
On my nightstand: Becoming a dad for dummies
Listens to: Electro
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Michael Jordan
Life-changing event(s): The upcoming birth of my daughter
The best lesson life has taught me: If you want something, you have to chase it for it to happen
What I learned last week:  How to change diapers by a friend who recently had a baby
Most beautiful place on earth: Costa Rica’s West coast
Hobbies/passions: Swimming, photography
What nobody knows about me: I had one of my scariest moments ziplining in Costa Rica because we were 500 meters above the forest. But in the end, it was also one of the most thrilling experiences
Life motto: Get it done

Author: Liz Morrison