'When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t stop'

Gary likes to do everything, at the same time, at speed. This diehard entrepreneur is tireless in his quest for innovative ideas to help his Accenture clients while also busy launching his own startups and challenging the status quo.


Meet Gary Goudsmit, Technology Consultant at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

‘My life as an entrepreneur started at an early age. The only thing my six-year-old self wanted to talk about at the dinner table was economics. By the age of 12, I decided to start a business around flying cars with my best friend, who has since become a particles physicist. Innovation has always been key to me. It’s what inspires me the most. And on top of that, I need objectives that are challenging and which I can look back on and feel proud of the results.’


“We were selected as one of the Top 100 startups in Belgium”

‘At the end of my studies, I was developing a software program to handle risk in portfolio management. My fledgling startup attracted the attention of someone at Accenture, who told me I would make a good fit with finance and technology. This coincided with the realization that not only was handling other people’s money a huge responsibility, but I also missed some essential technology and management skills. So instead of continuing with the startup I decided to join Accenture. No regrets! I feel really privileged to I have an interesting job where I can learn every day.’

‘When you are an entrepreneur, you don’t stop. This year I launched a new startup with a friend in my spare time that allows you to use a picture of yourself to create personalized emojis. OFace started out more as a challenge to discover how to get an app on the App Store. Several months later, we were selected as one of the Top 100 startups in Belgium and presented at Digital First 2017! My ultimate goal in life is to succeed with a startup, become a teacher in entrepreneurship and help students create spin-offs. I believe entrepreneurship deserves support because it is so critical for the wellbeing of society.’'


“Business and technology can be really fun”

‘I’m a business consulting guy with hands-on technology skills (coding, HTML…) so I can do the front and back end. For the past two years, I’ve worked in the Credit Origination domain. Thanks to the great relationship with our client, I’m now starting a new challenge, ideating on how to standardize professional loans.’

‘This is just one example of how I use my entrepreneurial skills at Accenture, always trying to bring added value to my clients, helping them to create great products for their customers, and look for new ways to obtain better results.’

‘Business and technology can be really fun, which was also a key motivation for me to launch the Brussels Management Challenge in 2016. The goal is to give Master students a practical taste of the world of business before work, for free and without strings attached. Hosted and driven by my old university ICHEC, students can tackle a mix of technology and business cases and pitch their solutions, the best way to discover if an idea works and doesn’t work! This year we had 300 students participating from 30 nationalities and 25 universities worldwide.’


“I strongly believe in being the change you want to see”

‘Helping others to achieve their dreams, making relatives and strangers smile, supporting those less fortunate, are all very important for me. If I could find a solution for eradicating homelessness in Belgium, I’d do it in a flash. We need to make an effort to integrate everyone, embrace difference and make the world a better place. These are my personal values, and I found them back at Accenture. Our culture is all about trying to improve and develop, as a company and as individuals, for our clients and society, while respecting each other.’

‘I strongly believe in being the change you want to see. On top of my projects for clients, I’m a member of Accenture’s Young Intrapreneur Initiative (YIPIs). We are a group of young colleagues who bring new ideas and fresh perspectives on strategic topics for the future of our practice, from mobility to our working environment. Then, together with the leadership, we explore how these ideas can be implemented, already with several successes! I believe you should always be ready to challenge the status quo, and this is encouraged at Accenture.’

“If you work with pleasure, you never work!”

‘My other passions outside Accenture are multiple. I have so many that I’m at the limit of available time! But the fact that I can learn a lot at Accenture and simultaneously could keep up with all of them (sports training six times a week, having fun with friends, eating with my family as often as possible, launching events for my university & startups, and helping my younger sister to become the best doctor in the world) gives me enormous energy. And yes, I occasionally sleep!’

‘Work/life balance? If you work for pleasure, you never work! Maybe one day I’ll find time to watch a movie or two…’


Gary Goudsmit (1991)

Studied: Commercial Engineer at ICHEC Brussels Management School
Started working at Accenture: 2014
Relationship status: Single
Loves: Gathering all my friends and having a huge party at my apartment… without having to clean up afterwards (this is the only part that does not happen)
Gets annoyed by: Unfairness (it will prevent me from sleeping)
Favorite food: Still can’t decide between French, Italian and Asian food
On my nightstand: 10 books including four I started at least five months ago!
Listens to: Rock (Queen, Dire Straits…) & French chanson (Brassens, Bruel, JJG…)
Last purchase: A beautiful Drone Udi 81
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Elon Musk (CEO SpaceX)
Life-changing event(s): I broke my cervical vertebra in a sports accident, followed by all my knee ligaments in a ski accident. Then I understood that life could be short and I needed to seize the day
The best lesson life has taught me: Better to live with remorse than regrets, so let’s try!
What I learned last week: Resilience and how to better handle difficult situations (thanks to the book “Option B”) 
Most beautiful place on earth: Home
Hobbies/passions: Too many to mention!
What nobody knows about me: I ran the Brussels 20KM with a blind runner (from the Braille League) and we were able to run it in 1:50! The 20KM was a beautiful challenge and we prepared for months to achieve this result. We continue to run together every week and we will try to participate in more races. We always try to fix new objectives and when we reach them, we usually celebrate with some good food!
Life motto: I never lose; I either win or learn (Nelson Mandela)

Author: Liz Morrison