'I was the only girl in a guy's rugby team, but I tackled just as hard as they did!'

How to fit the maximum into every 24 hours, 365 days a year? In her quest, Evelien hopes to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and travel the globe. Discover what supercharges her energy.


Meet Evelien Rosier, Consultant - Change Management at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

‘Rugby is an awesome sport in which each player – by being great in their specific role – makes it all fit together. I love the adrenaline of each game, how we work together as a team to win every meter, how we strive to go that extra mile.’

‘I started playing at the age of 13, following in the footsteps of my sister. At the time, I was the only girl in a guy’s rugby team, but I tackled just as hard as they did! My trainer said I would make a good scrum half and we spent many months training towards that objective. Fast forward to university and I joined the Leuven women’s team, from where I was selected for the Belgian Women’s Rugby Sevens as scrum half! None of us are professional players but we have a clear set of goals. Building on our performance at the World Rugby Sevens Tournament in Hong Kong this year (finishing 3rd out of 12 countries) and currently ranked 7th in Europe, we are hoping to make it to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020!’

‘Change is everywhere in our lives. You can either jump into the new or stick with the old’

‘I’m not what you’d describe as a typical Accenture profile. I studied Communication Sciences and had just started a module in Economics when I saw the Accenture Master Class selection rounds advertised on campus. This annual event offers final year Master students in Belgium the chance to experience life at Accenture while working as a team to find innovative solutions to social or business challenges. I thought, “Hey, why not?” Somehow my presentation convinced the jury and along with 39 other students, I was selected for the national final. D-Day and I found myself in a team with lots of business, technology and economics experience and facing an IT optimization business challenge. Help! But by pulling together and using all our different talents we made it to the Top 3! I remember my Master Class coaches saying, “She’s a typical Talent & Organization profile”. I had no idea what they meant at the time but made sure I found out before joining. Ever since I’ve worked in our Resources practice focusing on Change Management for clients in that industry but also other industries.’ 

‘Change is everywhere in our lives. You can either jump into the new or stick with the old. For example, each rugby practice involves a new strategy, a new running line, and way of passing, tackling… My Change Management role at Accenture is also about helping to prepare people for the new, whether it is a new tool, corporate reorganization, or new process. It starts with a strategic exercise to analyze what the impact of the change will be and on whom. Then it’s all about getting the people onboard, engaging stakeholders, gathering their feedback, training end users and supporting them after the change goes live.’

“I don’t ask myself ‘Will combining both actually work?’ but ‘How will I make it work?’”

‘The most difficult decision I’ve had to make so far in my life was whether or not to continue playing in our national rugby squad. Each year it becomes more intense as we climb up the league table. It’s mainly a question of time. If I had a super power, it would be to make great days last longer (24 hours is so short!). I chose to stay and as long as I can combine rugby with Accenture, I will continue playing. I don’t ask myself “Will combining both actually work?” but “How will I make it work?” Of course, this means being transparent towards Accenture, our clients and my rugby team. It also asks a lot of personal commitment to go weight lifting, sprinting or rugby practice each day after work. But most people react fantastically when they discover my passion and come to cheer us during matches.’ 

‘Both Accenture and rugby give me great energy and they have more in common than you might expect. The bottom line is having people you can rely on. Rugby players enjoy being part of a team, but that does not mean we all have the same character. You need a role suited to your personality. As an extrovert and communicator, scrum half fits me perfectly. In the national team, I’m a playmaker on the pitch, which means that along with the captain, I see opportunities, where we should play to win and I guide the others. At Accenture, I enjoy keeping the team together and motivated. Giving and receiving coaching, sharing my experience with others helps me and all of us to grow and become better.’

“I’m a nomad, so being able to communicate with strangers is a must”

 ‘The more I know, the more I realize I don’t know! Schedule permitting, my ideal time out is grabbing a backpack and heading off alone to discover a new city or into nature. I’m a nomad, and being able to communicate with strangers comes naturally. Sharing stories, experiences and energy and receiving the same from others is really important for me. When I was young, I even tried to learn Esperanto and I still believe in the idea of one global community. Whenever I’m in my car, I listen to language tapes. I’m always busy, always meeting a goal. Never a dull moment!’


Evelien Rosier

Studied: Communication Sciences
Started working at Accenture: October 2013
Relationship status: Single
Loves: Going to new places
Gets annoyed by: Having no goal
Favorite food: Any Italian food. I discovered this during my Erasmus semester in Pavia
On my nightstand: An eye mask and earplugs, I love to travel so I make sure I can always catch sleep whenever possible: on a plane, camping side, youth hostel, ...
Listens to: All music with a dance rhythm
Last purchase: Airplane tickets to Budapest for the family to celebrate my Dad’s 60th birthday
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Storytellers
Life-changing event(s): Starting rugby and Accenture. Both taught me discipline
The best lesson life has taught me: Always keep trying, smile and move forward! I’m never the one to say ‘I can’t do this’. I always look for a solution
What I learned last week: ‘Live until you are 120’, an old Jewish saying sent to me by a colleague
Most beautiful place on earth: I’ll pick a place once I’ve travelled the world
Hobbies/passions: Playing rugby
What nobody knows about me: I did ballet when I was young. Definitely not for me, too individual!
Life motto: Keep on smiling.

Author: Liz Morrison