'Achieving any goal involves 20% talent and 80% motivation and dedication'

His three greatest passions are the Red Devils, good friends and learning. In this portrait, we discover why Alexandre Humblet left Accenture and how these passions influenced his return one year later.


Meet Alexandre Humblet, Associate Manager - SAP at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

‘One of my greatest passions was ignited during the 1994 World Cup, with Philippe Albert’s legendary goal against the Netherlands. I’ve been a loyal supporter of the Red Devils, Belgium’s national football team, ever since. I rarely miss a live match. It’s great entertainment and an opportunity to spend quality time with my friends in a “Devilish” atmosphere. In fact, the only match I’ve missed in recent years was the day after my wedding! Next stop, the World Cup 2018 in Russia.’ 

“Without other people at Accenture, you cannot succeed, just like a football team”

 ‘I don’t have a favorite football player as such. They are all talented but only effective as a team, and that’s what makes them exciting to watch. This echoes my experience at Accenture. One of our core values is Stewardship. We don’t just help colleagues in our own projects, but also those who reach out to us from across the globe, and vice versa. Without other people at Accenture, you cannot succeed, just like a football team. Even if we are a large company, it’s the contribution of each individual that makes the difference.’

‘Another of our core values is Best People. Accenture is not only home to great talent; it is also a place where I’ve made lots of good friends, some of them also attended my wedding. The value of this friendship was brought home to me when, in 2014, I resigned from Accenture. At the time, I had been on assignment abroad and felt the need to be permanently based in Belgium, focusing more on local clients. But the experience was not entirely what I expected. Every football division has its strengths. I thought local was where I wanted to be but in the long run, I realized I was more interested in the broader picture. Without articulating this, my Accenture friends sensed I was having doubts. They invited me to a few Accenture events and I immediately realized this is where I belong. So in 2015, I returned!’

“Every few months I can look back and be surprised at how much I have grown!”

 ‘When I first joined Accenture in 2010 straight from university, I was assigned a role in our Supply Chain technology practice. I had not studied technology or seen an SAP screen before, so it came as a shock! But I was open-minded and thanks to excellent coaching, training and on-the-job learning I built up my expertise. Today I am an expert in Supply Chain within SAP and I coach other people.’ 

‘Being a global company, my day usually starts with colleagues working in Asia, then in Europe and I finish the day with colleagues in America. My role involves managing projects end-to-end, including planning, following up on timelines, people and budget. At the same time, I’m helping to build Supply Chain expertise and knowledge within our SAP practice. I lead the Logistics domain, making sure all our people are up-to-date with the latest innovations, for example, the new functionalities of S/4HANA. Making sure I create a great working atmosphere for colleagues and clients is also a top priority for me.’

‘What continues to drive me at Accenture is that every few months I can look back and be surprised at how much I have grown. The project and people around you have an influence of course. But the constant fact is that you are able to do more. The progress I have made at Accenture and the impact I can have make me very proud.’ 

‘For me, there are four pillars in life: work, personal wellbeing, family, friends. It’s important to find the right balance between them to be a happy and complete person. It’s a challenge everyone faces, regardless of what they do as a profession. My ultimate aim is to get that balance right. I believe that achieving any goal involves 20% talent and 80% motivation and dedication. If you are willing to go that extra mile, it will happen.’


Alexandre Humblet (1985)

Studied: Business Management & International Trade
Started working at Accenture: 2010 & 2015
Relationship status: Recently married
Loves: Football, friends and craft beer
Gets annoyed by: Uncivil behavior (littering, road rage…)
Favorite food: Kaiseki Ryori, a traditional Japanese dinner that is harmonious in terms of taste, color and presentation
On my nightstand: iPad
Listens to: Rock and roll, jazz, movie music, electro…
Last purchase: Wedding rings
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Technology pioneers like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to hear their vision
Life-changing event(s): Getting married. It’s great to find a life partner
The best lesson life has taught me: Invest in friends, family, work and you will reap the benefits. These things make you richer than money or material objects 
What I learned last week: Sleep is an important commodity you should not neglect!
Most beautiful place on earth: The Ardennes. As a native of Liège, when I cross the Meuse River, it feels like coming home
Hobbies/passions: Beer tasting. I have a photo album of all the beers I have tasted around the world, from Tanzania to Gibraltar. Belgium is beer heaven and there are still so many craft beers to discover… 
What nobody knows about me: Aged 17, I lived and studied in Japan for one year. I still speak Japanese and visit my ‘second’ family there
Life motto: Enjoy and make the most of your life. You only have one.

Author: Liz Morrison