Our BeLux Story

Our story in Belgium & Luxembourg began in 1961. Ever since, Accenture has been bringing its unique fusion of skills, expertise and understanding to help businesses and organizations successfully turn the next pages of their stories.


What makes us tick?

The firm belief that together we can accomplish anything

Our people don’t just think and talk about the story but know what it truly means to BE at the heart of it. That means, rolling up our sleeves to co-create and deliver end-to-end solutions for today’s business and societal challenges with our clients.

Never satisfied until we get you where you need to be

We view each new technology innovation, business disruption or societal change as a turning point and opportunity for renewal. We want to be there, challenging the status quo, bringing insights from what we are doing internationally to inspire and achieve local success stories, so that we move ahead together. 

Our shared values are an essential part of life at Accenture in Belgium & Luxembourg. They infuse our community spirit so that we can have a positive impact on the local business ecosystem and wider community.

Last but not least, our people are at the heart of everything we do. As a certified Top Employer in Belgium & Luxembourg, and in Europe we don’t pay lip service to individual wellbeing and talent development, we practice it.

We’re also part of one global family! Visit our .com website  to learn more about what we do and what sets us apart.

Author: Bart De Ridder