No longer hidden digital talent: Accenture partners with BeCode

Digital skills are at a premium, and not easy to find. The Belgian coding school, BeCode, is addressing this skills gap in an innovative way. On June 13, Accenture became a strategic partner of BeCode and committed to employing 25 ‘BeCodians’ a year.

With today’s technologies evolving at unprecedented speed, attitude has become as important as diplomas for bringing the innovative thinking and solutions our clients need. Accenture’s workforce of the future needs people with the right motivation and openness to learn.

The ambition of BeCode is to meet the ever increasing demand for digital skills in an inclusive way: by reskilling untapped talent. Since 2017, it does this by offering free training to motivated jobseekers of all ages and backgrounds and the chance to build sustainable IT careers. With schools in Brussels, Charleroi, Genk, Liège, Antwerp and Ghent, BeCode is having an impact. And this impact is strengthened by its ability to link talents with the real needs of companies. So far, roughly half of its company internships have led to an employment contract. 

Hiring 25 BeCoders each year

Accenture’s partnership with BeCode has grown from delivering workshops to help students prepare for the world of work, to welcoming our first seven BeCode interns this year. This collaboration is enriched by many years of partnerships with organizations such as Ashoka and Talent2Connect plus projects with our people, clients, other companies, NGOs, and government agencies, focused on co-creating sustainable solutions to tackle unemployment and increase the impact of social entrepreneurs. 

As an inclusive employer, Accenture is excited by this opportunity to tap into a new talent pool via BeCode and increase the opportunity for more talented men and women from all backgrounds to fulfill their potential. Our commitment to recruit 25 people a year through BeCode is proof of our belief that everyone can build an exciting IT career, contribute to the economy and a digitally inclusive society. 

At the heart of the action: BeCode interns on their experience at Accenture

François: “Accenture is the best route to becoming a professional in my field. I learn from working beside highly skilled programmers and overcoming the challenges I encounter each working day.”

Elias: “I have always been attracted to large organizations as well as the startup culture. To me, Accenture seems like the best of both worlds! Besides the variety and cutting-edge technology, I’ve joined a global and diverse community of people, and I get to directly bring value to clients. This is very motivating and fulfilling. I would recommend Accenture to my peers without any hesitation.”

Mathieu:“I wanted the chance to work in a big international company where diversity and individual wellbeing are taken seriously, with lots of initiatives that give everyone the possibility to thrive. Accenture was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. No matter where or what they work on, Accenture people are really approachable and will always do their best to help you if they can. If you’re looking for an internship where no one trusts you or your abilities, where you are always left alone in a corner and where no one cares about you… don’t apply!”

Lily: “I knew I would be at the heart of the action at Accenture. I’m working on a project that has a lot of potential, that covers a lot of knowledge and on which I am always learning. Plus, my internship supervisor gives me new challenges and he’s always ready to spend time with me if I have a problem.”

Samy: “Through BeCode, I participated in several workshops given by Accenture and I wanted to see for myself what Accenture was like as a workplace.I’m not disappointed. The challenges I faced and the skills I acquired during my internship make me want to continue giving my best!”

Lionel: “Working as a developer for a company like Accenture means flexibility and having a job in which I can evolve by using my skills and perseverance. Challenges bring me energy. At Accenture, with so many different clients/domains, challenges are never far away. My motto is ‘If someone can do it, then why shouldn’t I?’ This has proved true for me at Accenture.”  

Author: Hans Verschoore