Susan always goes that extra mile to deliver excellence… whether it’s sharing her experience to help Accenture clients design their workforce of the future or singing live on stage.

‘After more than 14 years of experience working in different industries as an HR partner to the business, I was looking for a new challenge and a new environment in which I could use my existing HR management expertise but also grow in new directions. Joining the Accenture Strategy Talent & Organization team gives me the opportunity to work on stimulating projects and support a wide range of clients in new ways, among them Organization Design & Transformation, HR Strategy & Transformation and Culture Change.’

‘The possibility to further develop my HR and personal skills was definitely the main appeal of Accenture: from training to coaching and choice of career path, plus I have the possibility to work abroad on short or long assignments. And from the moment I started, I was encouraged to take responsibility and initiative!’

‘The focus of Accenture Talent & Organization is to inspire, stimulate and help our clients to design their ‘workplace of the future’ for ‘their workforce of the future’. When designing new talent strategies or developing people solutions, we believe it’s important to start by putting the employee first and then strive for great (customized and digital) employee experience(s). To adapt to the changing needs of businesses and the workforce of the future, the HR domain needs to think out of the box and innovate. That’s exactly where we can make a difference.’

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“It takes time, energy and personal investment to make the right career decisions”

‘I’m someone who likes to go that extra mile, pushing to find for that “extra something” in order to deliver excellence to clients. I also apply this to myself. For example, deciding to leave my family and friends in Belgium for a two-year assignment in Italy was a big challenge: landing in a new country, entering a new work environment while learning a new language! It was difficult, but I made the right choice. The experience really changed my life and my perceptions. I realized you should never take anything for granted. It takes time, energy and personal investment to make the right career decisions.’

‘My biggest driver is people! Working in teams, exchanging ideas, building trust, challenging colleagues when we disagree and then reaching consensus… these are the key elements of great collaboration. I’ve been lucky to work with many inspiring people, who behaved as real leaders, coaching me when I needed it. It is important to cross paths with professionals you can trust throughout your career, who are ready to help you find the strength to tackle different challenges along the way. I try to do the same for my colleagues, inspiring them by sharing my experience and my passion for people.’

‘Outside work I’m also a people person! One of my passions is music, specifically singing live on stage in different bands. It can be pop music, rock, reggae, jazz or Brazilian Samba and Bossa Nova. We take it in turns to select the tunes we like and then enjoy sharing them with the audience.’


Susan Aladesanmi (1980)

Studied: Master in Human Resources Management
Started working at Accenture: July 2017
Relationship status: Single
Loves: Going to the gym, cinema, reading great books, cooking, going out with friends
Gets annoyed by: Overly long and useless presentations
Favorite food: Anything Italian!
On my nightstand: My iPad, my watch and a Japanese doll for good luck and protection
Listens to: My heart
Last purchase: Plane ticket to Brazil and a new gym outfit
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Nelson Mandela (unfortunately he is no longer alive)
Life-changing event(s): Moving to Italy for two years on a work assignment
The best lesson life has taught me: Since we grow old so fast, I do my best to get the things I want as fast as possible
What I learned last week: That it’s not bad to just be myself
Most beautiful place on earth: Honolulu’s beaches facing the Pacific Ocean
Hobbies/passions: Live music (singing), traveling, art photography
What nobody knows about me: Nothing that I am not aware of...
Life motto: Diversity is looking at what is unique in each one of us