Amil never gives up. Despite a first unsuccessful application to Accenture in the Philippines more than a decade earlier, today he is a Manager at Accenture Luxembourg. Fasten your seatbelts for Amil’s exciting journey from Asia to Europe.

Meet Amil Garcia Lopez, Business and Integration Architect Manager at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg.

My career (and country hopping) journey begins in the Philippines in 2003, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My first job in credit and risks was not related to my studies. After two years, my wife and I decided to open an internet café. Back then, self-employment was booming in the Philippines. Before long,  we decided to see if our talents would be recognized overseas so we traveled to Singapore to look for new opportunities.”

“I tried to learn as much as possible in different areas to expand my scope”

“I wanted a job where I could use my entrepreneurial skills but sadly, after three visits to Singapore, I could not find the right opportunity. I told myself “the fourth time will be the last”. We sold the family business and used the money to travel back to Singapore full of hope. Sadly, it didn’t work out so we returned to the Philippines and I began looking for a permanent job there.”

“Then a few weeks later and totally out of the blue, I received a call from Singapore with a job offer. After three interviews they asked, ‘Can you start next week?’ So, we finally made it to Singapore! Moving overseas changed everything: my motivation, my work attitude and my perception of life. I worked in a technology role in customer support for 18 months, and tried to learn as much as possible in different areas to expand my scope.”

“Something I programmed in the morning was implemented in the evening by the machine!”

“My next role was in a consulting firm where I became a project leader and started working on global projects. This experience gave me great exposure to different cultures and I met people from the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Automated technologies were emerging and I was soon involved in programming and developing these tools. Something I programmed in the morning was implemented in the evening by the machine!”

“After seven years in technology infrastructure, I moved to software development and programming in private banking. This was an opportunity to explore a new domain and work with different technologies. Meanwhile, 10 years had passed. Once again, my wife and I felt the need to change country and see something new. We also wanted our children to study abroad, so we decided to move to Europe.”

“When the recruiters told me they were from Accenture, I said “When can I do the interview?”

“We arrived in Luxembourg in 2015. One year later, I received a call from Accenture that changed everything. Accenture is not only famous in the Philippines, it is also the first firm I applied to after graduation. Although I was not selected back then, Accenture has always been on my radar. When the recruiters told me they were from Accenture, I said ‘When can I do the interview? We can meet right now!’ And the rest is history!”

“In my current role, I customize software for the Wealth Management and Private Banking industry. In a nutshell, my focus is creating a better user experience for bankers. I’m also working on a non-financial services project for a client, helping them to make sure their operating environments are standardized, with secure communication between different interfaces and technologies, and that their IT governance aligns with business expectations. It’s great that I also have this opportunity to use the skills I developed during the first seven years of my career.”

“Seeing where I am now, makes me proud.”

“My journey to Accenture has taught me a lot of things, especially how to work and live in multicultural environments. Having started as a young graduate, and seeing where I am now, makes me proud. The keys to my success are definitely motivation, focus and determination. Plus, of course, my passion for travel and discovering the world!”


Amil Garcia Lopez (1982)

Studied: Computer Science

Started working at Accenture: November 2016

Relationship status: Married

Loves: Home interiors

Gets annoyed by: Gossip

Favorite food: Japanese cuisine

On my nightstand: Water, although I seldom wake up to drink it.  Weird?

Listens to: Alternative and slow rock

Would like to sit next to in the plane: Queen Elizabeth. I’d like to drink her favorite cocktail and play crossword puzzles together!

Life-changing event(s): Marriage, kids and multiple relocations (Asia and Europe).

The best lesson life has taught me: Focus, dedication and faith are the keys to achieve your goals

What I learned last week: More about Accenture Global Banking. And it’s something I will keep on exploring…

Most beautiful place on earth: There’s much more of the world to explore! But for now, Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France tops my list

Hobbies/passions: Basketball and musical instruments

What nobody knows about me: In another life I would have been a musician. I can play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and piano (although not at the same time) and I studied singing, but it didnt went well.

Life motto: If you believe, you can achieve! But you need to work hard for what you believe you can achieve.


This portrait was written by Magaly Piscarel.