Every mix has the potential to be the best

Accenture’s inclusive work environment gives talented men and women from all backgrounds the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Our diverse teams bring the variety of skills and perspectives our clients need to innovate in today’s evolving world.


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As members of one global network, serving clients in 120 countries, Accenture people collaborate across geographical and cultural frontiers. We learn to appreciate and understand the diversity of business cultures across the globe. Closer to home, we value the cultural diversity of our local colleagues, which reflects the society in which we operate.

  • We regularly invite external experts to give evening sessions on how to navigate in business environments abroad, such as China, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Our Buddy Program matches colleagues from other countries on assignment in Belgium & Luxembourg with local colleagues who can answer practical questions, introduce them to their network and be a friendly face in the first weeks and months of settling in.


Baby Boomers, Generation X and Y… The meeting of different generations in the modern workplace brings challenges, which are often reinforced by age-based stereotypes. To address the taboo around age, prejudices and negative stereotypes, we look for positive ways to turn them to our advantage, both inside and outside Accenture, and harvest all the benefits of generational diversity!

Every generation has its added value and differences in age are not important. What counts is the mindset.

Peter (Workday Practice Lead).


The LGBT Network & Allies in Belgium & Luxembourg translates Accenture’s global commitment to creating a work environment where LGBT employees also feel welcomed and valued.

Internally, we provide our members with opportunities to build a network of Aly colleagues and ensure our recruitment professionals accurately reflect our open and proactive acceptance of LGBT applicants.

Externally, we play an important supporting role for equivalent networks at our clients and/or other companies, sponsoring third-party LGBT-focused events and initiatives and participating in events such as Brussels Pride and SPARKLE.

Now recognized as a pioneer of LGBT company networks in Belgium, we were proud to receive the Gold Pink Brand Award 2017 for LGBTQ Friendly Company.

Open@Work, a professional networking initiative launched with our partners in 2016, has now welcomed 25 companies and been hosted by amongst others, the Belgian Federal Government.


We believe the future workforce is an equal workforce. Balanced teams, combining male and female talent, are key to our success at Accenture. That’s why we recently set a goal to achieve a 50/50 gender-balanced workforce globally by 2025. This is in addition to our goal to grow the percentage of our women managing directors globally to 25 percent by 2020.

In Belgium & Luxembourg, this journey starts from the moment of recruiting, for example, reaching out to female candidates on campus and through our annual Master Class, and continues throughout the career journey, supporting women at all levels to realize their full potential. Sharing the stories of strong female role models like Adriana Petrescu (Top 5 Finalist in ICT Young Lady of the Year 2017) inspires the next generation of women to embark on an exciting Accenture career. Finally, each year, we join Accenture offices around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day, an opportunity to debate, share ideas and best practices with our leadership, colleagues and external guests.


Flexibility is about helping each individual to be successful in his or her career while contributing to the success of Accenture. In work culture where personal commitments can be openly discussed and addressed, we help our people to balance their fast paced careers with private passions and family commitments in the right way for them, and to take advantage of all the flexible work possibilities Accenture offers.

Being able to take a one-year Leave of Absence enabled me to travel the world and care for a sick family member.

Negin (Marketing & Communications)


Juggling family and professional commitments can sometimes be challenging. Accenture recognizes this and we a program of Parenthood initiatives supports parents at different moments in this journey in addition to flexible working arrangements.

From Parental Coaching Workshops for our mums and dads with an external Parenting Coach, over coding sessions for kids, a Parenthood Library to family walks, we provide dedicated time to celebrate parenthood and share experiences and ideas on how to harmoniously balance a fulfilling professional life with bringing up a family.

As a single dad with 3 young kids flexibility is key. I discussed this with my manager and we quickly reached an agreement.

Brahim (HR Business Partner)

External collaboration

Sharing and learning is a key aspect the Accenture work culture. This way of working is also at the heart of our Inclusion & Diversity program. Collaboration with external partners – our clients, governmental institutions, academia or non-profit sector – inspires new actions, brings new ideas, and strengthens our conviction.

  • Accenture co-founded the Diversity Managers Association Belgium – a group of Inclusion & Diversity managers from 20+ companies active on the Belgian market focusing on networking, sharing best practices, contacts and launching joint initiatives such as Open@Work.
  • Each year, we participate in the JUMP annual forum on gender equality at work in Belgium. We also host JUMP Corporate Hub Sessions at our offices in Brussels and sit on the jury of the Women@Work Award.
  • For three consecutive years, we’ve joined forces with IMS (Inspiring More Sustainability) in Luxembourg to celebrate a local Diversity Day. For the 2017 edition, our volunteers provided basic Microsoft skills training to the refugee community.
  • We continuously benchmark ourselves against external best practices, including our Diversity Plan in collaboration with ACTIRIS and the Brussels-Capital Region, as signatory of Diversity Charters in Belgium (with ACTIRIS) and Luxembourg (with IMS), as one of the first companies to join the #EnfantsAdmis / #KinderenToegelaten campaign driven by Amazone, and participating in the DUODay initiative for Persons with Disabilities with DiversiCom.

Inclusion & Diversity contributes to the value Accenture creates for our people, clients and society.

Author: Marta Pogorzelska