Enter the triangle: New business model for engaging with digital consumers

By applying the Consumer Engagement Framework (CEF) to the Belgian insurance industry, Accenture/Vlerick Business School reveal new ways to increase digital consumer engagement in B2B and B2C environments.


Developed in the framework of the Accenture/Vlerick Digital 20/20 Chair, the CEF identifies concrete examples of Belgian insurers moving away from the traditional linear B2B2C business model towards a hybrid model that leverages strong local presence and relationships with intermediaries (brokers, agents...).  Within this triangle, insurers are able to launch new digitally enabled products and services via an extended ecosystem (potentially including disruptive Insurtech players) while at the same time, digitally enhance their own offerings at each point of the triangle.

Discover how AG Insurance and others areinnovating with digital to increase consumer engagement in the full Digital innovation in the Belgian Insurance Industry report on SlideShare.


Digital Innovation in the Belgian Insurance Market from Accenture BeLux

Apply the CEF to your organization

The CEF provides a valuable basis for any B2B company to assess its digital consumer engagement initiatives. The CEF is also a great tool for companies that leverage digital technologies to serve consumers directly, providing guidance on identifying initiatives for process improvement, product enhancement and new digital products.

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