Accenture Internship: So much more than just work experience!

Now in its 7th year, the Accenture Internships Program in Belgium offers final year Business Management and Technology Bachelor and Master students a three-month deep dive into Accenture’s world of Business Management & Technology… at home and abroad.


More than 250 Belgian students have already seized this opportunity to grow both professionally and personally while working as trusted members of our teams, supported by dedicated coaches, learning hands-on as we solve real client cases or develop exciting internal research projects. Their input is always appreciated and valued.

“Even as an intern I felt part of the Accenture family”

Going abroad adds an extra special dimension to the internship experience. With Accenture, students can also open their horizons to new cultures, sights and sounds, another way to differentiate themselves from their peers before graduating. As well as exciting opportunities in Belgium and Luxembourg, the destinations we offer include our Delivery Centers in Riga (Latvia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic), Heerlen (the Netherlands) and for the most adventurous, Mauritius and India.

In close partnership with universities and colleges, we are growing our Internships Program year-on-year, with an ever-increasing focus on emerging technologies and new ways of working in a digital era.

Discover it for yourself by signing up now for our 2017/18 Internships Program! Visit to find out more.

Still not convinced? Check out these testimonials!

“Entering the ‘world of work’ is quite a big step as a student. Now that I have done my internship at Accenture I’m sure that the transition will be less drastic. During the past few months I’ve learned how a big organization such as Accenture works. Also, that for every problem there is a solution to be found somewhere. The great guidance I received from my coach helped me to improve myself even more.” – Charlotte, Accenture intern Belgium 2016/17

“Despite the ‘hugeness’ of the company, it was very easy to talk to people if you faced any issues in your work. Even as an intern I felt part of the Accenture family. During my internship I got to act independently and I even had the opportunity to manage a project.” – Armelle, Accenture intern Belgium 2016/17

“I really enjoyed working on interesting projects and learning from people much more knowledgeable than myself. I gained a better picture of the professional IT sector and the many opportunities that await me after university. I now feel like I can follow my ambition in whatever role and country I want with Accenture, knowing that are great opportunities and people along the way.” – Tom, Accenture intern Mauritius 2015/16

“Doing my internship abroad made it more than a work experience. By leaving the comfort zone of home, I could immerse myself in another culture and push the boundaries of what I am capable of.” – Ansje, Accenture intern Mauritius 2016/17

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Author: Liz Morrison