Accenture Belgium Moves as One to Gare Maritime

Our new Brussels office is a bold step towards the future and growing together with our people and clients.
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Purpose built within the magnificent 19th century Gare Maritime, this flagship space will be a key enabler of our business vision: leading in new ways of consulting as we translate the needs and drive of our clients who seek to innovate and grow. And a place where our diverse and talented can work hand in hand with clients to move as one and grow together. 

Innovation for tomorrow’s world 

Agility is key to stay ahead of the game in the post-digital era. As an innovation partner, Accenture helps organizations to break away from rigid structures and gain the agility to compete and grow. We are therefore excited to join other Accenture locations around the world as we celebrate our very own world-class innovation and rapid prototyping Liquid Studio in our new office. Liquid Studio is both a physical space – including a tech area to build prototypes – and a core team of diverse Accenture talents with design and industry expertise. In this unique environment, our people and clients will work together, pitching as one team, to co-create new solutions that unlock value and growth.

The starting point is always a real business or social challenge and the end point is delivering a tangible solution. And it’s right here in Brussels, at the heart of Europe.

An inclusive home to diverse people

Accenture is the first company to move to Gare Maritime. This unique location reflects our unique personality: firmly rooted in the past but always with an eye towards the future. Building 1 – or “B1” as we affectionately refer to it – is a flagship space offering a unified ensemble of different atmospheres for cocreation and collaboration. Designed with and for our people, it will support the ever-changing and evolving way we work. Embedded technologies will provide future-proof virtual collaboration, and flexible work practices will answer the needs of new generations.

“B1” magnifies Accenture’s inclusive culture. Literally. We have commissioned local street artists from the Propaganza collective to create unique artworks inspired by our core values. In our new 21st century working environment, our people will innovate as one team with our clients and our dynamic ecosystem of partners. The new office is a place to feel welcome and at home, and to grow and thrive together.

Our 70 colleagues from our “Experience Agency” Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive will retain their offices in Leuven and Antwerp. As we increasingly collaborate in interdependent teams to address the needs of CMOs, the innovative spaces at “B1” will be an exciting place for these creative colleagues as well.

Environmentally responsible & socially engaged

Understanding technology and its impact on people is a prerequisite for developing 
inclusive, responsible, and sustainable solutions. Through our Innovation with Purpose approach, we help our clients to align their business objectives with a positive social impact, in collaboration with social partners such as Ashoka, Talent2Connect and BeCode. In our new office, we will be better equipped to accelerate our joint efforts to address complex societal challenges.

While many companies are departing from Brussels, which will create even greater traffic problems, we are choosing to stay. Accessibility – for our people and our clients – is crucial. So is increasing the impact of our sustainability programs – including a comprehensive mobility program. Over the past 5 years, we are proud to have seen a big increase in the number of Accenture people biking to work and using public transport.

There is geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, recuperation of rainwater and sustainable waste management (a joint effort of the landlord, Accenture and our suppliers). Best practices we’ve already developed over several years have moved with us, including our current ISO14001 certification and our efforts to apply circular purchasing techniques when buying products and services. We are using ecological cleaning products (Bioorg), paper made from agricultural waste (PaperWise), ceramic mugs and glasses for drinks.

Accenture’s new Brussels office will help us to become even better in what we do 
and who we are. We’re ready for what’s next. Together.

Author: Bart De Ridder