2019 marks the 30th anniversary of Accenture in Luxembourg

A celebration of Luxembourg innovation
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A drone ballet representing a meeting point between human imagination and technology innovation kicked off the 30th anniversary celebration of Accenture in Les Rotondes, Luxembourg. Accenture Luxembourg was founded in 1989 with just 10 people driven by ambition and optimism for the future. 30 years later, Accenture is a leading consultancy in the Grand Duchy with a dynamic and young team that dares to push the boundaries of what is possible.

In 1989, we set up a small practice in this country. For the past 30 years later, we have grown by keeping our youthful spirit of optimism alive. Always re-imagining, re-inventing, re-defining what is possible. 

Our mission is to bring fresh, relevant solutions for new challenges to business and society explained Laurent Moscetti, Country Managing Director at Accenture Luxembourg

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Shaping a responsible future together

During the opening ceremony, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel shared his government’s digital ambition and, specifically, to make Luxembourg central in the European space for Artificial Intelligence. Spear points such as Cybersecurity, Automated Computing and the growth of Artificial Intelligence are not only at the heart of Luxembourg priorities, but they are also domains in which Accenture leads. 

The recent creation of a national AI laboratory is major milestone for Luxembourg according to Accenture management. Accenture invests heavily in skills that contribute to the development of ethical AI and raising AI to be a responsible and productive member of society, whilst embracing its potential.

Together with Vanksen & Google, Accenture has launched the Digital Circle, a meeting point for Luxembourg business leaders who excel in the digital field. In parallel, Accenture is committed to innovative Ventures & Ecosystem Management that will enable fast-track product development in the areas of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity -  all priority areas for Digital Luxembourg.

Accenture recently acquired Orbium - a leader in digital and core banking software to further strengthen its ability to provide innovative services to clients in the private banking and wealth management space on a global scale.

Growing younger through relevance

With the new challenge facing companies to approach sustainability, growing younger has never been so relevant. Today more than ever, Accenture will keep an open mind to bring the right solutions that benefit business and society. In 2019, there is one dominant theme: the search for value and relevance. It will become mandatory for all businesses to look at their relevance in today’s world and the value they create for people and society.

“Reinventing the future is not about technology, it’s about limitless imagination. What we aspire to do is make the world a better place to work and live in. Not for technology’s sake but for the sake of humans. We live in a world where there is too much noise! When you feel something is not relevant to you, it’s never been easier to unsubscribe or delete. Organisations need to be quieter, or risk being ignored.” added Marco Tempest, Accenture Luminary and Extended Reality Lead Consultant (EALA). 

Our people are what makes Accenture great

Meet the Accenture Luxembourg people